Automated fermentation and cell culture made easy

At Pharyx, we are developing systems to automate the study of microorganisms for basic research and bioprocess characterization and optimization.

Cell culture is a labor intensive task plagued by inconsistency due to variations in instrumentation and experimental protocols. At Pharyx, we are developing systems to miniaturize and automate even the most complicated cell culture processes in an effort to standardize and simplify cell culture, eliminating variability between experiments and across scales. Through microfluidics and integration, large scale bioreactors can be miniaturized to the milliliter scale, enabling parallelization in addition to automated control.

Such integration enables experiments which would otherwise seem intractable such as continuous culture in parallel or sequential batch culture through automated serial dilution. Applications include:

  • Analysis of overflow metabolites through turbidostat operation
  • Media optimization through automated media exploration
  • Metabolic Pathway Analysis through dynamic media flow
  • Exponential Growth Profiling
  • Quorom Sensing effects under different growth rates
  • Evolution Studies
  • Optimizing recombinant protein production
  • Strain Enrichment and Conditioning
  • Environmental condition dependent Genomic Studies (steady state or transient)
  • Metabolic Flux Analysis
  • Cell Line/Plasmid Stability
  • Screening and Clone Selection
  • Continuous or Batch Microproduction for potent chemicals